May 20, 2024

Reasons for a First Birthday Photoshoot in York

Hello wonderful parents and birthday planners! Lucy here from Lucy Rose Studios in the city of York, North Yorkshire. If your littlie is about to turn one, you’ve probably already started thinking about ways to celebrate this monumental milestone. Well, I’ve got a delightful idea for you – a first birthday photoshoot! Let’s dive into the top ten reasons why this is a must-do, sprinkled with a bit of humor and a whole lot of wholesome fun.

First and foremost, because you bloody made it! Let’s be honest – surviving the first year of parenthood is a major achievement. You deserve a gold medal, or at least some beautiful photos to commemorate the occasion. It’s a time to celebrate not just your baby, but your journey as a parent.

first birthday with mum and dad in York

Who doesn’t love a good cake smash? Watching your baby dive into their very own birthday cake is not only hilarious but also incredibly endearing. The messy, frosting-covered faces make for some of the best candid photos you’ll treasure forever.

My FAVOURITE part of a first birthday shoot is the bubble bath. Whether they’ve had cake or not, it guarantees laughter, bubble beards and just the sweetest photos. My favourite photos I have of my daughter is her bubble photos, they melt me every time I look at them! It’s a fun and playful way to end the session, meaning you all leave happy AND clean – win win!

Let’s be honest, your little’uns cuteness levels are OFF the charts right now. Those chubby cheeks, toothy grins, and tiny hands and wobbly legs are moments you’ll want to remember forever. A first birthday photoshoot captures all that adorable goodness in stunning, natural light.

By their first birthday, your little one’s personality is shining through. Whether they’re cheeky, shy, or full of energy, a photoshoot is the perfect way to capture these unique traits. I aim to highlight your baby’s individuality in a natural and relaxed setting.

It’s true what they say – time flies when you’re having fun. Before you know it, your baby will be off to school, making new friends, and growing up. A first birthday photoshoot is a beautiful way to hold onto these precious early moments and remember just how small and sweet they once were.

So, if you’re in York or the surrounding areas and looking to celebrate your little one’s first birthday in the most delightful way possible, head over to Lucy Rose Studios to book your session. Otherwise have a nosy at my first birthday page on my website here for some inspiration! Let’s create some magical memories together!

Best wishes,

Lucy xx

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