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July 2, 2024

Motherhood skin on skin session

Motherhood skin on skin sessions are one of my most favourite things to capture..

Why? Because nothing compares to celebrating the postpartum body.

As someone who struggled with body image for a LONG, long, long, long time, I found a strange sense of peace after I gave birth. I wasn’t expecting it. I know it isn’t the case for lots of women. Whether or not that does happen for you, I want to make every woman I can feel UNBELIEVABLE in their own form. Whatever that looks like.

Childbirth brings a lot.

Society puts so much pressure on us to be who we used to be whilst also dealing with a newborn baby, hormones, exhaustion, learning every lesson under the sun, attempting to socialise, manage calendars and visits from friends, family, midwives whilst also doing hospital trips and trying to feed ourselves AND keep the house a 3/10 clean at minimum.

It’s ridiculous.

So removing the internal feeling of needing to ‘bounce back’ (whatever that means) is unbelievably liberating.

My skin on skin sessions help to show you and your baby as you are. Skin on skin. Calming. Relaxing. As it should be. No breathing in. No manipulation or photoshop. Just you and your babe smiling, feeding, holding one another.

Tell me what is more gorgeous than that?

You might not be head over heels in love with your body as it is at this moment but I promise you, when you’re 80, you’ll look back and see how GORGEOUS and perfect you and your body are at this moment.

It created life. It homed life. It birthed life. Treat it as the blessing it is!

Have a nosy at one of my motherhood skin on skin sessions below – they both did AMAZING. If you would like to be involved in my next motherhood skin on skin mini session dates, get in touch and I’ll pop you on the waitlist.

Motherhood photography at my York studio is a gorgeous way to capture the magic of your growing family. These sessions aren’t just about photos; they’re about freezing moments together.

Feel free to explore my website for more information and to see some of the newborn and sibling photography I’ve captured. Have questions? Send me a little message here, lovely! I’d love to hear from you.

Best wishes,
Lucy xx

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