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Lucy Rose Studios

October 25, 2023

The ultimate Christmas present

Hello lovely! If you’re new here, I’m Lucy – Maternity, Newborn and Family photography based in York!

Are you struggling to know what to get family members for Christmas? Suddenly the leaves turns orange, the mornings become crisp and everyone you know suddenly has no hobbies that you can think of and you’re about to buy slippers, wine, smellies and socks for the 9th year in a row? Well look no further..

Photography is the BEST gift that you will ever give. Now you can do this one of two (or maybe even three) ways… all are just as good but it depends who you are thinking of giving these photos to. I think the third might be the easiest, what do you think?

The first option is a Gift Voucher for Lucy Rose Studios. I do so many of these all throughout the year for people going on maternity leave, newborns, and families and they fill me with so much joy every single time – it is one of the most thoughtful gifts I think that you can give.

You are giving your family, your friends and your colleagues a day to be all about them and capture some memories that will last a lifetime. Literally.

Family photography is SO much better than the generic bottle of whisky and chocolates that will be gone and forgotten about before the end of the year is up. You’re giving them an experience to talk about, something wonderful to look forward to in the New Year and pictures to look at every day for decades to come.

So what’s the second option?

The second option is you buy a photoshoot for your own family – bare with me here, it really is a win-win-win! You don’t tell your family that you are doing so and you gift them beautiful prints of your shoot – I GUARANTEE that they will love, love, love them just as much as if you’d bought them along. Picture your parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles face as they unwrap the most beautiful, timeless and joyful images of you, their family – they’ll put them up on the wall and smile at them every single time they walk past them so even when you’re not there, you’re bringing them pure joy.

With this option, you also get your own photoshoot, you get to capture your family as they are now before the end of 2023 and we all get a little bit older. Did I mention this is a win-win-win?


I’m so lucky that lots of my lovely Clients have passed on my details to friends, families, neighbors and colleagues and a little community is growing and growing. I NEVER want this to end, ever (#letstakeoverYorkshire) but because of this, I am offering something most photographers can’t.. Gift vouchers for printing services for friends or family who have had a shoot with me! This can include prints, albums, and so much more.

My professional printing services can muster up almost anything so if you had something special in mind, get in touch and I’ll see what we can do! You could even pick the item you want and let them choose the photo(s)!

Not sure what they would prefer? Don’t stress and lets take one person off your Christmas list nice and quick.. Get them a voucher and once they have got in touch, I’ll do the rest!

Have you had a shoot with me and want someone to take advantage of this? We love a good hint… just save this and forward it on to your partner, your parents and everyone else who will listen!

Family photography or a gift voucher to Lucy Rose Studios is a beautiful gift to give at any time of the year but Christmas can make it that little bit more special so what are you waiting for? Stop scrolling through the same generic websites night hoping that something will sporadically appear and get in touch here to find out more or follow me on my Instagram page here for more inspiration!

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