October 30, 2023

Baby Girl & Big Brother – Newborn and Sibling Photography

Hello lovely, if you’re new here, I’m Lucy – your Maternity, Newborn and Family photographer based in York bringing you all the best top tips and, today, once again, the cutest newborn and sibling photography to make you broodier than ever.

Have you ever seen a newly-promoted little one with with a bigger smile?! This little guy could not have been more fun to capture as he showed off his new baby sister!

Newborn and sibling photography shoots aren’t always the smoothest.. those first few days after a new family member comes home can be a lot for them to take on. We ALWAYS get nice photos but boy does it make it easier when they’re keen to get involved. We did, however, have to break out the toy kitchen to make sure we got some snaps of little sister on her own as he just wanted to be in them all.. a problem I am more than happy to have!

We always start with some solo photos of the older sibling.. I want them to feel like this is their day just as much as their siblings. They just got a new promotion! If there’s ever a time to celebrate anything, I reckon a promotion is the perfect time to do so. It also double up with getting them used to the camera and tires them out a little before we start sitting on the beanbag!

Have a scroll through these gorgeous photos to see a small snippit of the types of images you recieve in a gallery! These are just a small snippit of the beautiful newborn and sibling gallery of over 200 images they received. The most precious album you will ever flick through over a cup of tea and biscuit for decades to come.

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