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November 10, 2023

Why should you book a Maternity Photoshoot?

Hello lovely, if you’re new here, I’m Lucy – your Maternity, Newborn and Family photographer based in York bringing you all the best top tips and, today, beautiful images from some of my maternity photoshoots.

As a central York-based maternity, newborn and family photographer, I have met my fair share of Mums-to be and newborn Mums and they ALL have something in common…. they either captured their pregnancy and are so glad they did or the didn’t and have told me off, repeatedly, for not making them do so.

It can feel a bit weird to capture your pregnant bump… a shoot dedicated to you and the life you are creating.. but then it’s gone and the regret can feel quite intense for not doing so. I didn’t capture my own bump because I was unbelievably self-conscious of my body after having decades of body confidence issues but the regret that I have for that is a LOT. So I’ve made it my mission to make every single woman that I can feel like the most beautiful version of themselves during their pregnancy and beyond.

So do you want to know my reasons for booking a maternity photoshoot?… There are 5 but I think the fifth is my ultimate fave!

First and foremost, for YOU

Everyone goes on about ‘take care of the Mum’ after the little one is here.. and even then people say it but don’t really know how to. But what about before the baby gets here? When Mum is growing a human life.. I’ll just say that again because I don’t think it really sinks in what is happening there. When Mum is physically creating a human being out of nothing. When you actually sit and start to think about that it is un-freaking-believable. But it is also exhausting, tiring, draining and can leave Mum feeling a little worse for wear. Not always, some women feel incredible throughout their pregnancies, but most don’t every day.

So treat yourself (or if you’re reading this for someone else.. treat Mum-to be) to a luxurious photography session. It’s time for you to celebrate what is happening inside of your body. It really is a once in a lifetime experience as every pregnancy is totally different. And it is one of those experiences that once your baby has arrived and a few months have passed, you’ll wish you’d captured how incredible you are.

I know you might not be feeling like yourself but I promise you, you will leave feeling like the most beautiful woman in the world.

Why else should you book a maternity photoshoot in York?

For your Children

How much would you LOVE to see photos of your Mum pregnant with you and any of your siblings – what an incredible gift that is.

And I don’t mean awkward selfies on dirty mirrors that she couldn’t clean because of the pregnancy nausea.

I mean photos where you can see she feels beautiful and special.

Imagine showing not only your children those photos but your Grandchildren. Sitting down around the table as they grow older, with a glass of something nice and music playing in the background, to show them how their Mummy or Daddy came in to the world. I can’t describe how special an experience that is to give to them.

Want to know reason number 3 for booking a maternity photoshoot in York?

To spend a special moment bonding with your Partner

If you are going through this journey with a Partner, it can be such a beautiful thing to experience together. Taking some time to be with each other, hold each other and capture the love that you have together for your future child is something you can’t put a price on.

And what about the fourth reason for booking a maternity photoshoot in York?

To gift to family members

I know, I know.. this one sounds obscure but it’s not when you think about it. Imagine 20-30 years from now, your little one is pregnant with your grandbaby. I’d like to find the person that wouldn’t want to have a gorgeous, timeless, tasteful photo of them framed and on the mantlepiece! You can’t do that with a blurry mirror selfie.. it just doesn’t have the same impact.

People often forget that family are just as excited to meet this little one and will want to celebrate them in every way possible.

And the fifth reason for booking a maternity photoshoot in central York?

I am PERFECTLY located for you to enjoy a relaxing, pamper day in York. I am a ten minute walk from the centre and you are welcome to leave your car for a little while whilst you walk in to town and have a potter about. If you are a little further along and don’t fancy walking, there are plenty of car parks I can point you to which will allow you the shortest potter in to town.

What could you do in York? Well, the options are ENDLESS but I recommend a little couples massage; going for a cup of tea and a fat rascal in Betty’s; a walk around (some of if you’re quite far along!) the walls and ending with some dinner in one of the many, many, many, many pubs. I have my recommendations for all of these and a little itinerary for the perfect day out. Do you want to receive it? Drop me an email or get in touch via the link below!

So what do you think.. Are you interested in having your own maternity or newborn photography done? Then get in touch here to find out more or follow me on my Instagram page here for more inspiration!

  1. Ysanne Thompson says:

    I would have never in a million years have booked a maternity shoot for myself so I am SO grateful I won your insta competition as the pictures are literally amazing and make me well up whenever I look at them. Now I have done it, I couldn’t recommend doing it enough! Thank you Lucy!

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