November 22, 2023

9 Days Old – Newborn Photographs

Hello lovely, if you’re new here, I’m Lucy – your Maternity, Newborn and Family photographer based in York bringing you all the best top tips and, today, the cutest newborn photographs to make you broodier than ever.

My diary can be booked up 3 months or so in advanced – people tend to book in for a newborn session around the 20 week scan to make sure that they are prepared. It gives plenty of time to make sure you know what you want to wear, grab a few little options for your newborn and any siblings and pack your bags so they’re ready to go before you give birth – that makes the shoot day just nice and easy! Get up, grab your bag and go..!

I also, however, have a LOT of people who get in touch last minute. At least a few times a month I will get someone email saying they didn’t think they were going to want a photoshoot of their newborn before they give birth and then.. they give birth. Two or three days go by and their faces are already changing. They’re putting on weight, they start doing things they weren’t doing before. Suddenly, they’re a week in and start kicking themselves because they want to capture them before they get bigger. The newborn period only lasts a few weeks and when it’s gone, it’s gone. It’s a truth noone likes to hear (including me, I was a MESS after that period went by before I’d blinked).

I will ALWAYS do my best to get you in – it’s not always possible, but I do what I can. This shoot however, they got lucky! At 8 days old, Mum had had the above experience and sent me an email. My session from the following day had been moved as baby hadn’t arrived yet. We struck while the iron was hot and got them in for the newborn session about 16 hours later. And oh my GOSH aren’t we glad that we did!

Luckily, I have outfits for Mum, Dad and Baby so the lack of prep couldn’t have been less of an issue. They came, they drank hot coffee, we chat and chat and their beautiful baby girl slept. Beautiful.

So have a look below at a small snippit of the gallery of over 100 (not including the black and white versions!) timeless, gorgeous newborn photographs of their baby girl that they will have to treasure for decades to come.

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