January 10, 2024

Why you shouldn’t stop at newborn photography

Hello lovely, if you’re new here, I’m Lucy – your Maternity, Newborn, Baby and Family photographer based in York bringing you all the best top tips, most gorgeous photos and experiences to make your families journey that little bit more special. Today, we’re talking about capturing toddlers!

As a family and newborn photographer, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing and capturing the most incredible moments for families.

As a family and newborn photographer, I’ve seen it all – from yoghurt-covered grins, poo explosions, to toddler interpretive dance moves. I see it on a weekly basis, and that’s just the studio, never mind my own little toddler.

G, my little soon-to-be two year old, LOVES seeing her photo. We have so many printed around the house, some quite (very) large, and whenever she sees herself she gets the biggest cheshire grin across her face and repeats her name over and over again. Every single time, on every floor of the house. Sometimes she does a dance infront of them too – I’m pretty sure she thinks it’s like Harry Potter and they’ll start dancing back. They don’t get old..

So it got me thinking… how does photography impact these little tikes? What impact does it have on them and their development? Their relationship with their parents? Surely it has to have so many wonderful benefits, and that’s on top of the gorgeous photos you get to keep for life.

First up is the most obvious.. Capturing milestones is huge for parents. Rightly so.. Photography serves as a visual timeline, allowing both parents and children to revisit and reflect on the significant milestones in their child’s life.

From the first smile, to giggling, to sitting, standing, walking and on, these captured moments become tangible memories that contribute heavily to a child’s evolving sense of self and confidence.

I’ve shared a few times that I make albums and montages of G and she looks at these ALL the time. There’s rarely a week where we don’t sit and watch the 20 minute video of her first year and look through the professional albums we’ve had made (in a water and scratch resistant print.. because if you know, you know) and it always leaves her smiling and asking questions. And she’s not even 2. I can’t begin to imagine how wonderful it will be to sit and look through them with her when she’s older!

The confidence that I can already see it is instilling is worth it alone. Children, much like adults (*cough* definitely me *cough*), benefit from positive reinforcement. In the whimsical world of childhood, where every teddy bear is a confidante and imaginary friends rule the playground, the power of positive reinforcement cannot be overstated.

Imagine the delight in your child’s eyes when they see themselves frozen in time, framed and on the wall that radiates their personality.. I can’t begin to tell you the joy it brings you. A well-crafted photo serves as a visual of their uniqueness, encapsulating the joy, curiosity, and the spark that makes them.. well, them! If you want to have a nosy at the type of images I capture of these little humans, have a nosy by clicking here or if you want to see some of my family photos then you can have a look here!

Every child has their own set of superpowers, whether it’s their infectious laughter that lights up the room, a quiet determination that propels them forward, or, if you’re my little girl, a confidence that she can only have inherited from her father.

My job as a newborn, baby and family photographer is to highlight those. Capture them so that you can remember them forever. How many ‘things’ have you said ‘ohhhh, that’s my favourite thing they do at the minute’. And then they stop doing it, forever. And you didn’t capture it.. and then it’s gone.

In a world that sometimes feels like a whirlwind of expectations, judgments, and comparisons, my job is to create a sanctuary where children, and their parents, feel celebrated for who they are. I capture their resilience, their laughter, and the sheer joy of being unique. The positive reinforcement they recieve during a photoshoot contributes to the development of a healthy self-image that can resonate throughout their lives! It’s an experience that you won’t forget.

Photographs serve as tangible memories, and positive experiences during a photoshoot become a part of those cherished memories. When children look back at the photos of them with their family, they not only see a frozen moment but also remember the laughter, encouragement, and the genuine celebration of their essence.

These memories become touchstones, reminding them that they are worthy of love and admiration just as they are.

And what greater gift can you give to your children, than that? I’ll wait.. Seriously..

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