engagement photoshoot in York Minster


January 21, 2024

Couples shoot in central York

Okay, so this one I am SO bloody excited to share with everyone! It’s not news to those who follow me that I’ve been wanting to capture a couple in and around York and, honestly, I had the MOST fun.. who knew that a young couple would be ever so slightly easier to manage that toddlers?! Scroll down to see in to one of my couples shoots all around the best that York has to offer!

Picture this: twinkling Christmas lights, a bit of wind playing hard to get, and a whole lot of laughter. We hit the streets of York in the last week of December, and it was.. well.. just awesome.

We were fighting with a little bit of wind but actually, I think it worked in our favour!

So why have I started offering couples shoots?

I know, some of you probably think that I should stay in my box. But, to tell you the truth, I am. I’m capturing a different aspect of the same journey which is so often overlooked.

A couples shoot is any and all ages – from late teens to early twenties all the way up to triple digits.

From engagements, anniversaries and big milestones, couples photography is the perfect way to celebrate! Go and have a nosy at my couples webpage here!

However, we so often look at photography as a thing for weddings and then families and there’s no inbetween. Why can’t we capture the couple as well as the family? Where is the date day? Where you take your wife or husband on a romantic day out while the kids are at school for a special lunch, to capture some photos of you now, strengthened after the birth of your children, to then go have a gorgeous hot chocolate or pot of tea and a cake in Betty’s, have a potter around York and up the river and still be back in time to pick the kids up.. The bonding that will have – taking that time together – now that’s what I call relationship goals.

Maybe your children have just moved out and you want to find a way to reconnect now the house seems a little empty?

Maybe you’ve hit a big anniversary that you’re so proud of and you want to celebrate that?

Whatever it is, just do it. You won’t regret it and your family and loved ones will obsess over every photo.

So.. anyway.. enough rambling, but please see my gorgeous shoot images from my walk around central York with this wonderful couple! Watch as it goes from day time to night time and see how the Christmas lights bring everything to life. Please let me know what you think in the comments below!

Are you interested in having your own couples or engagement photography done at my studio in York? Then get in touch here to find out more or follow me on my Instagram page here for more inspiration!

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